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Paxil and Poop-Out

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First- I've been on Paxil since before Noah and the ark. Every time a pdoc tries to ween me off I have an episode. It seems my "discontinuation" is a bit heavier than for some.

I'm trying to kick the Paxil because I don't think it works anymore. I take it to avoid withdrawl. I believe that Zyprexa, the prn Klonopin, and natural methods can take care of the anxiety. I'm also on Lamictal to stabilize things out.

My pdoc doesn't seem to keen on quitting the Paxil right now, since I just started the Zyprexa. How long, in your non-pdoc opinion, should I wait to try y next attempt at ditching the Paxil?

My dream (allas, we can all dream) is to just take Zyprexa.

-----Loonier than usual--------

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WOW you are on a much smaller dose of paxil than myself.  Ive been on it for exactly a year. and it feels like baby aspirin to me. however, the times i've forgotten a refill - after 2 days of not taking it im suicidal. so, i dont know how one could get off it. i imagine i'll probably be on it my whole life.


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