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Aliens Scare The Crap Out Of Me

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Trigger Warning: Don't read this if you're scared of aliens, especially not late at night.

However....... here's the thing.  During the day, I never think about aliens, and the idea even strikes me as a bit absurd.  I don't feel like it's anything to worry about, as even if alien abductions are real, it's such a rare event and isn't any kind of danger to people..... and alien abduction probably isn't real at all.  That's kind of obvious, as it isn't exactly like people are getting whisked away left and right (if at all).  At night though, my thoughts on the subject are different, and it just kind of sometimes turns to "what if it's real".  If I'm not thinking about them, it's fine.  However, if I even think of aliens prior to going to sleep, I often toss and turn thinking about it.  I just am thinking to myself, "what if I got abducted" over and over, like an anxious loop.  I'll turn the lights on sometimes, because the dark starts scaring me.  Then, if I hear a noise at night........ I usually go to the window and even check in my closet to make sure there aren't any aliens and/or UFOs around...... of course, as you might imagine there never has been one and I don't think there ever would be obviously :)  However, that doesn't stop me from checking to make sure there isn't....... sometimes even a few times if there are a lot of noises.  If there's a noise, I've been known to literally leap out of bed and frantically look around for a second if I hear something at night.  I used to be scared of them as a kid, essentially similar to the way most kids are scared of monsters, except for me it was aliens and alien abduction.  The thing is the whole thing probably isn't real, but since I can't say for 100% that it's not and no one really can..... it never ceases to keep me up at night if I start thinking about it before bed :(  I used to read alien abduction stories as a kid (now I can see that there's a 90% chance they aren't even real or only a minute portion of them are real if any at all), yet as a kid I fully believed it and never really have been able to fully shake the fear of the alleged phenomena.  I pretty much can't even watch those shows about them, because when I do, I get myself convinced that they're probably real and it ends up scaring the crap out of me and keeping me up at night...... especially if I watch it before bed.  The scariest one is that Unsealed Alien Files....... even though whenever I fact check the stuff they say on the internet, it's clear that nearly everything on that and all those shows is just a bunch of nonsense and/or hoaxes pulled by people over the years. 

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IMO you seem very anxious. (not diagnosing, just an observation).  I'm sorry you are thinking about stressful things.  I can tell you that aliens aren't real.

Have you talked to your tdoc and/or pdoc about all of this?  I think this is something you could bring up with your tdoc, and talk about your thoughts and thought processes about the aliens ... and get some feedback about your thoughts, maybe helping you with some skills to help when your thoughts are looping around.

I would also let your pdoc know what your thoughts are like.  Maybe there is a med that could help, or adjust a med you are already on.

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Personally, I think aliens are real, but not anywhere near earth. They're probably living on a planet far away from us. Chances are our species will never even meet. The universe is so vast that contact is really unlikely. But I get that you know that abductions probably aren't real. Sometimes anxiety isn't logical, after all. I would definitely talk to a therapist about this, since it seems to be causing you a lot of distress. You could also keep something comforting next to your bed, like a scented object or something soft. Something to help remind you that you're safe if you wake up at night.

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I think you have a phobia just like some people are phobic of spiders.  You just happen to be phobic of the concept of alien abduction.  You are not alone in this as I suffered through it horrendously and it ended in me having a nervous breakdown and being put on very strong meds.  And yes, I was scared of ALIENS and of being abducted.   It never happened.  I just went on meds that made me forget about anything that would or could cause me anxiety.  My fears were also mostly at night as well.

While only a Dr. can prescribe medicine I hope you can somehow find people and articles that help fill your mind with logic and assist you in  breaking down your nighttime phobia and anxiety.  

Just think...  If "They" do exist I assume that they are much smarter than we are because they can fly saucers and stuff.  Don't you think they'd know everything there is to know about human beings already?  Why would you be an important thing for them to study or experiment on when they already have all the answers???  


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