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Getting over relationships

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Maybe it is that I've felt the decline for a long time (like since the start of this relationship/call girl service) or maybe that his attitude just sucks and every time I saw him I felt less and less for him- I'm not sure why I feel so casual about dumping him.

I don't know if tomorrow or next week or in a month I'll feel broken-hearted, but it is possible.

Maybe I'll feel so good about it! No idea at all.

How can I prepare myself for a possible ton of bricks drop?

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just prepapre yourself by acknowledging that u may have these feelings coming, as you are and set up support people to help u deal with them when those feelings arrive (if they do)

make a t-doc appointment or see a counsellor sometime soon and keep posting.

all u can do is prepare for the storm and see what happens from there.. sorry im not more helpful.

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