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Wild mood swings!

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I ran out of money due to being out of work on med leave for 2 months, so I didn't take my birth control pills and cut my Lamictal tp 300 and not 400, and cut my Klonopin to 1mg and not 2.

That's a lot of cutting!

I feel adrift and uncaring and bored, along with apathetic and stressed over work. All these things together.

Now I'm back on the right meds.

My pdoc gave me this week off to let my meds sort themselves out. But I'm bored and want to work.

Just my rant.

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I like your new Avatar Helena!

Even today, back at the "right" pill mix I feel a lot better. I have work anxiety, but that is pretty much it. And work anxiety is always present, so it isn't a shock that it is still there.  ;)

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