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Has anyone tried BOTH ($30) methylpro and ($58) deplin and have a review of efficacy for each? My pdoc literally just called me and said he's tired making people pay twice the price deplin charges, and wanted me to post, bless his soul.

Bless my soul I am a mania and mixed episode monster and cannot be the guinea pig for this SSRI booster.


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I have the same question about Methylpro vs Deplin.

I just started taking MethyPro L-Methylfolate 15 mg Extrafolate S® (once daily).

Does anyone have any experience trying both Deplin and MethylPro? I wonder if Deplin is "better." Not surprisingly, there are testimonials on MethylPro's website from people who like MethyPro better. I don't want to discount them just because the testimonials may be cherry picked or fake. I am open to there being something to the difference, if any, between MethylPro and Deplin. Since MethylPro is cheaper, it would obviously be better if MethylPro is the way to go.


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