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My cat is dying

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I'm sorry!  So sorry this sucks an 11 on the ricter scale.

I came close to having to do this.  Kitty ate some bad fish (I think) and she was in such bad shape the Vet said she was a goner and to come in the next day to have her put down.  I drove home and (TMI Guy admission) cried and felt just awful.   I thought why am I leaving my cat in a cage at the vet overnight?  So I went in asked for my cat and they were surprised but...  What harm (I figured) so I drug out a lawn chair and Kitty and I laid in the sun for a couple hours.  Then by some answer to a prayer she opened her eyes (Out of focus) and staggered around the back yard a bit.  She got better after sleeping in her basket and I brought her in to show the vet my girlcat.  Doc was truly amazed.  I'm truly grateful even if her meowing for the wet food (She was always Dry) ALL the time is making me a bit insaneer.

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I see you haven't checked back in yet. I hope that means you are getting some support offline. 

Losing someone you love is never easy, and having to make the decision to let them go...I don't know if there's a word in English for that. It's a special, ineffable kind of difficulty. 

There's no such thing as "just" a cat. When a cat is part of your life, they have a way of incorporating themselves into your chest cavity, and then when you have to let them go, you're left with a hole where they used to be. It's still worth it, because you get to share a great love with another soul. But damn, it hurts. 

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Im still trying to hang in there. TY everyone for your kind words. We just rescued her off the streets a year ago so thinking your helping only to find out you cant is the worst. The vet that is coming to our home to euthanize her said at least shes not dying on the streets and she at least had a good year with you and I know shes right but you know how your heart feels too.  I love her so much it physically hurts, shes the sweetest, toughest kitty I have ever met.  Soon she will be with Frosty (RIP) my last cat of 20 years.

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