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Linzess Alternatives

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Hello Y'all.

As you may know, it seems I might be out of luck for Linzess. I'm on amitriptyline which helps a bit with my pain, but really does nothing to control the bowel moments. Amitiza is just no, it doesn't really do much for me. I can't take MiraLax because it just causes me to be horribly bloated until I have diarrhea after four or five days. Low doses of bisacodyl just make me crampy and have diarrhea. Anyone have any luck with Levsin or Bentyl? I know they aren't really made for those with constipation but I'm also looking for something to control the pain. A friend of mine's mother recommended Donnatal but it contains a barbiturate so it's most likely out. 

Just a side note, I've also been on metronidazole for two weeks which had no effect. The first couple of nights I had normal bowel moments then I just went back to "normal" for me (i.e. constipated). Also, I've tried all kinds of horrible diets. 

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Bentyl is an anti-spasmodic ... it actually slows down your intestinal tract.  I am on it now when my intestines act up.  When your intestines spasm, the bentyl does help with some of the pain, but at the same time doesn't help with constipation.  So it is almost like the opposite of Linzess.  Idk about Levsin.

For me, a low fiber diet is MUCH better than a high fiber one.  Drinking lots of water doesn't help.  Exercise doesn't help.  Colace doesn't help.  ETC.  Everything the DRs tell you to do to get relief from constipation ... do not work; they actually make things worse.  I've tried miralax but I had to mix it with OJ to get it down.  Then it sometimes took a day or 2 to work, and it was unexpected when it would work.  So I could be in the car and have to stop because the miralax decided to work.  Lasted me for 2-3 days after I took it.

Have you ever tried the Activia yogurt?  It is supposed to help your gut after eating a certain amount of it over time.  I've not tried it, just thought I'd mention it.

Same with probiotics.  They are too expensive for me to continually take, but others have found them helpful.


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IBS-D or IBS-C? Sounds like type C to me. Mine switched from C to D a few years back. Only thing I've ever taken that was remotely helpful was Donnatal, and about all it would do was slow things down. Levsin did nothing by itself, although it is a component of Donnatal. There used to be an ER version of Donnatal that lasted 12h, which was fantastic, but the mfg pulled it for reasons I haven't discovered. Having been a long time sufferer of IBS, I swear by Donnatal. It makes things manageable, cramps and all.

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