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constant anxiety

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  there is always looking in another direction. I have several things I do when I feel like this. I exercise, I meditate - 30 minutes a day, and I listen to music to lull myself to sleep.

Exercise for me is the best release. My p-doc is athletic and explained that it has to do with regulating your breathing, which is all messed up when you are in that state. So anything you can do to work on that, will really help. 

I have been suggesting this site all over the boards. It is a site that makes meditation CD'S, but I use them to fall asleep to. The site is "the Sounds of Source" and they made 5. Each one is excellent, but my favorites are 1, 3 ( which has whales singing on it) and 4. They tuned the orchestra with the song of the whales. It is SO cool.

  Anyway, this is what I did. I started to look in other directions besides my meds. And it has worked well for me. It won't happen over night, but if you establish good habits, you can get through the hard times. But I still take meds, believe me.

  You can always exercise though. That one pretty much works right away.

  Good luck.


Oh, and the answer is not more klonopin. Cuz, what goes up? Must come down. And they are a tough one to come off of.

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Guest luli2545

I used to wind up in wrenching tears...release I guess; then I'd be ok til it built up again. For me crying and talking really helped. Momentarily.

Benzo's in the daytime = fall asleep. Benzo at night=no early am awakening with a panic attack. I'm down to a low dose at bedtime, ativan. Will taper off if I stay as stable as I am now in a few months.

God, I am so grateful to be feeling better.

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I second the exercise thing. This could help you tremendously. I know it's hard to get the motivation to do it when you feel so shitty, but it's well worth. Maybe start slow with a vigorous walk for 15 min. and work your way up. Also, avoid caffeine, sugars, etc. You don't need anything that could make you more anxious. I've also gone through weeks of constant anxiety, thinking nothing will help and it will never go away. And guess what? It did, eventually. Just hang on. This website has some great ideas in it for anxiety.


The website isn't selling a thing either  ;)

Good luck to you!


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