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What helps you get through the day?

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I've recently been diagnosed with binge eating, and I talk to my therapist about it and honestly get nowhere.

How do you deal day to day with binge eating?

I wake up in the morning, atleast four or five times a week, and pig out. I literally eat anything in sight. The whole time I'm doing it, I feel so guilty about it, and when I'm stuffed to the point that I ache, I feel even worse, but I can't seem to make myself stop. Have any of you been successful in finding a way to help yourself fight the urge to stuff, or atleast find a way to stop yourself before it goes too far in a sitting?

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Guest just too shy today

i'm sorry to say i don't know how to stop either.  except by methods no sane person would choose.  like smoking instead of eating.  or sleeping instead of eating.  or getting trashed instead of eating. and then becoming ashamed of having done any of the aforementioned and eating anyway :/

it helps if i am busy and cant stop to eat but mostly i dont have enough energy for that.

what meds i am taking makes a huge difference too.  i hate food on effexor and will starve myself rather than force myself to eat.  on lexapro i love food and if i am anxious i will live in the refrigerator.  i hate this.

i guess if i can't offer help i'll offer commiseration.  i'm sorry.


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No one should have to live with a binge eating problem. No one.  ;)

I've been struggling for almost 3 years now and I cant offer much help either. Someday's the very first thing I will do is hop out of bed and drive to the gym. Sometimes, exercise right away in the morning will set me up for a good day- its so easy to start the day off bingeing- right away, in the morning.

I see a therapist once a week and I am thinking of going to see a dietician also. Maybe you could switch therapists? Sometimes the therapist thing works- sometimes it doesnt. I once had a therapist that made me call her whenever I felt the urge to binge (that did NOT work at all because like hell I wanted to pick up and call someone before I was ready to pig out on everything on sight...but the fact that a therapist would offer me that kind of service, well that was awfully nice of her.)

I talked to my psychiatrist and he put me on Topamax and so far the bingeing has become less of a problem- I have only been on the Topa about a week- but these last past 3 months I've been bingeing 4-6 times/week and now I'm bingeing 3-4 times/week.

It's awful, isn't it?

What's even more awful is that when I was 15 (I am 19 now) I was hospitilized for anorexia...and now I am struggling with god damn binge eating. Hopefully you (we) can get through this. PM if you ever want, k?

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When I'm most in control of being out of control, I go for walks.  Walking is my best self-calming strategy.  I can walk through aggression, worthlessness, hopelessness, and everything else except dehydration.  If I am walking and I have no money, I cannot eat.  If I stay away from food sorts of areas, I will not promptly run back home to get money, buy, and binge.  So I walk to the ends of the earth. 

In some places, this is not an option.  In certain weather, this doesn't work.  For some people, walking isn't the same spacey-sorty experience as it is for me, so it either won't help, or will help for different reasons.  It's simply what's worked best for me. 

The rest of the time, I try to make rules for myself.  I swear I will not keep a certain food in the house.  If I have to go out to get it, then I'll be a little less likely to succumb to it because it's more complicated to obtain.  Does this actually work?  Not often, but I feel like it's a start.  I've sometimes banned all sugars from the house, including fruit.  It kinda works.  For a few days.  Until I can't control it anymore. 

All I can do sometimes is stop.  Just stop.  I might be eighty per cent of the way through a family-size bag of brownies, but once I've come to enough to say NO, I have a choice.  I can keep going and feel miserable, or I can take control over myself for just a minute and NOT eat that last twenty percent.  Twenty per cent success is better than none at all.  You're probably familiar with the practice of food trashing.  I dump something completely inedible over the offending food product, or I throw it out the window into the little courtyard that no one can access nine months of the year, or onto the highway, or flush it down the toilet.  (Just putting it in the trash doesn't work for me.  I'll dig.  And feel that much worse about myself, because I'm eating garbage.  It HAS to be irrevocable, for me.)

I drink lots of water.  I eat balanced, healthy meals at regular intervals.  I try to avoid sugar as much as possible.  And I hope that this is a day when I will not cram every awful anything into my insatiable mouth, crying. 

I put some thoughts over on Iona Viona's original thread here.

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