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How often do you masturbate?  

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  1. 1. How often do you masturbate?

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Guest PinkToo2grrl

um, why yes it's good seeing as if i feel hysterical someone will get me off! heheheh


And the part about how "hysteria" in women used to be relieved by MDs by them masturbating them...
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(trailorparkbarbie @ Jan 14 2006, 07:44 AM)

Once, I read on another forum, that a woman used her Crest Spinbrush to masturbate. I sure hope she didn't use the same one to brush her teeth.

My friend's younger sister did that and got in trouble when her parents somehow found out what she had done!

Somehow?! "Mommy, my toothbrush smells funny."

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Why can't you get erections?


I'm sure there are a few factors going on.  I'm 50 years old, and the stress, anxiety, some frustrations and depressions, not always good nutrition and exercise.  Usually after some good nutrition, exercise and just having most things working right, I've been able to get an erection for some short times.

But I've had to call my masturbation a bit more like auto-erotic yoga (I think better?).  I think would make more sense.  I learned of it while being a 6 year old boy.  Before I was developing seamen and sperm and having erections then.  Because of having a bladder problem and wetting my bed.  And parental punishments from it to stop.  I had to strain a lot of my abs, PC Muscles and Leg Muscles for such control, until I felt great sensations and it started my interest in girls at even starting at Kindergardin.

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it started my interest in girls at even starting at Kindergardin.


You are a hetero-sexual male with an interest in women, correct?


Correct!  I'm a very hetero-sexual male with an interest in women.

I know I haven't given a lot more discriptions, because I hate embarrassing myself too much.  As a boy, I had to massage my pubic mound at the base of my dorsal penis. Without having to have an erected penis.  But now I discovered another secret for which I need some stimulation.  This is never much mentioned from sources and it seems like my secret.  Maybe if I can trust you, I'll PM you about it later. 

I had my youth and had great ejaculation masturbations with erections.  I try to sustain myself, until time runs out before this climax is seeked after.  And as I desire women, it is truthfully been a missionary possition of my own imaginations with women as a boy and before even hearing what people thought possitions suited them as from these days.  After hearing about the Doggy style.  I don't like that possition actually.

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Holllowlog is one of us...he has a very provocative thread right here on The Confessional...hint, I do NOT meet his criteria, as I have a pulse... laugh.gif
I think your lack of a Y chromosone might also be a factor...
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Guest FrannyNZooey

Yeah Suze, I was always into all that history and on mental illness, womens health, and just quite frankly how we were totally disregarded and treated by men, all of them, and how terrible to be having a breakdown and be told at all times not relaxing, having enough sex with the husband, and by medical professionals!

Know not what this poll is about, but I am one of those hung up on the whole body thing.

Yeah me, that has been married, and engaged even more times, and to avoid the awkwardness of sex, did just jump right into it, like wildly quickly Fuck Me Baby get it over with was more like it.

So, played all my games, stripping, running, chase me.

So hell I suck in knowing myself, being with myself alone.

It was more the accidental on whirlpool jets, etc. then feeling all hot and flushed in dirty, guilty shame.

I now have to be so wired up, so I am a once in a blue moon, and it is water that comforts me, releases me, be it in the shower, or jacuzzi.

To just touch, I feel as alienated as I would if placed on the moon.

And yes I tried, and the mind was millions of miles of way, and on everything, but me.

There were times I felt totally frustrated, for I did want, but hell it was never going to happen, and that was way back, way before meds.

So, for some of us it is not so natural, masturbation, sex, the whole freakin pleasure thing of our bodies.

And it sucks, in so many ways.


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You are a funny little wanker. Yeah, I'll go for long periods of time without thinking about it. I used to do it compulsively as a young child, especially after my Mom threw that shoe at me! Eating and beating, those were my compulsions before drugs and boys came along.

Now, after years of therapy, I know all that "make love to myself" crap, and I don't feel guilty, except for this residual shadow that just won't go away.

I'm reading "Cunt" right now, which has sort of brought this topic to the fore of my brain. Plus, if getting myself off and venting about it will keep me from adding to my collection of loser men just to get laid...I have a healthy libido, just want to get to use it with someone before I'm 90 and my flower has dried up for good...<sigh>

This is the confessional, so no need for TMI...yeah!

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Guest PinkToo2grrl

i know i was young.  i had a snoopy electric toothbrush i used to take into the closet with me all the time.  and, uh, it didn't *overdevelop* me. but how young?  i dunno, maybe 8-ish? i know i started reading porn early before i understood what i was reading, but i knew it got me all warm and tingly.  my parents had a lot of porn around the house, so i started being into porn, and masturbating pretty young, a lot of stimulus.  i'm babbling again ...

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Guest FrannyNZooey

Yeah so got you Suze, never did the zero to orgasm either.

And think maybe with the whole making love being with my lover, husband felt again guilty for taking so long, when holy crap had no knowledge of my body or gave myself time, so to please them, I just put self on back burner, and never did get to self like thought would, hmm funny kind of pattern there in life.

But masterbation hell that I just wanted too for quick release, why really friggin pissed me off when I could not even relax with self do that right, I mean I rushed self, yeah to go do vacuuming, or whatever else, so guess not partners, lovers faults, since didn't even give myself the patience, time.

You know I did take poll, and I am being as honest as can, this kind of goes deeper than just who can get themselves off.

Maybe why at first I overlooked it.

Catch up with ya later,


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Knowing about the Taboo trends from our Past.  I think the Controling Peers we face, want to distort Truths with Lies.  It occured to me today for that saying ...

"Masturbation Makes A Person Go Blind"

The real Truth I discovered is the Opposite.

"Masturbation Makes A Person See More Things By Discovering Them.  From things being in Secret and Hidden." 

This is what our Past Heirarcy didn't want us to be doing.  So that we can find Secrets and Hidden things about our lives in a greater way. 

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