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How often do you masturbate?  

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  1. 1. How often do you masturbate?

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I really, really, really, really, REALLY want a rabbit, but wow are they expensive.  My b-day is next tuesday, in case anyone feels generous. 

Wouldn't you be just a wee bit creeped out if some random stranger started buying you sex toys over the internet?  ;)

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And ew to the Jesus & Mary dildos.  If that doesn't send you to hell, then what the heck will? 

hahaha yeah i can imagine St. Peter at the gates of heaven being like "you jacked off to a Jesus and Mary dildo?? omg wtf!!" and then *click* (pressing the straight to hell button)

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One went off on it's own during my dad's visit to my apartment once. We both laughed.

My mom keeps telling me to put away my sex toys when she visits. what a prude! (BTW, she's australian and that makes all the difference).

I like the faucet water in the bathtub. yumm! far better than overstimulating vibrations and overzealous boyfriends lol

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In TO, Good for Her (brick-and-mortar-store and online) was not scary even for this social-phobic one.

Guys are welcome if with a partner of some description.

The staff write their own reviews.  And, there are classes ... not for this social phobic one.


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New VIBE Theory....


The whole universe is a vibe. Light is a wave which is a vibration. Mass is also

a vibration. Emotions are vibrations.


Gravity is just an adjustment to two masses lacking vibration and a means to create vibration.

Vibration is the key to the grand unification theory!!!!!

OK...Off to Snowboarding......Boyd


I think Boyd is "on the weed". Or maybe those mormons grow some good shrooms. The kind of vibrations you're talking about I've gotten, but not from the magic wand, more like from the LSD.

Don't be trippin down those hills on that board...especially with a camera, filming you're own Sonny Bono ending to the love triangle vibration thingee. Splat. Cut.

Boyd, on the editing room floor...so sad...so are you X-tremers back in the Atlantic where you belong?


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So did anyone watch "The Man Show" on Thursday night? It was a rerun, so I was told by husband. I *don't* typically watch the show, let me say that first. Anyway, they had the three worst jobs, and the men who perform them. First was a cloth diaper sorter at the cleaning plant. Ewww. Second dude scuba-dived in sewers, looking for hypodermics. The third was (drumroll please) a turkey masturbator. No kidding. Turns out that due to such selective breeding for the dinner table, all domestic turkeys are unable to breed naturally, and are now artificially inseminated. That's, well, interesting. What's worse is that they showed a clip of him doing his job!!! Collecting bird jizz. And you thought YOUR job sucked!

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I'm very insensitive so I need a really vibrating dolphin right on the spot. I also come in a... special... way. But let's not talk about it.


I think I know what you're getting at :) and since I've had to constantly use the V to O I've had that special kind too.  y'otta try the Hitachi Wand for your insensitivity problem.  It can squash through any insensitivity  ;)

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