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My selfesteem is lower at Work

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I notice that I feel shittier and incompetant at work. This feeling makes me not want to be there even more. Everyone talks about their family or what they did the night before or what they are doing for the weekend. During lunch groups or pairs go off to share lunch and there I am isolated aat home and work. I dont wanna trust anyone for fear of getting burned like te last position. And the fact that my poor work history has found its way into human resources makes me feel stuck. The fact that I have no support system outside of work makes me feel even shittier...

Last Saturday someone busted my car window and only mine. I feel like I am targeted because I am a single woman living alone. My car is nothing special with a big dent on the side and only mine was popped out so I know it was someone who watches me probably. I wanna fuck someone up. I called the police on the old nosy neighbor who acts like the neighborhood mayor. He made a smart comment about my window being broken and I feel he had something to do with it. He also tends to make noises whenever I come in and out of the apartment. I called the police on his fat loser ass and two big cops went over to his place. Next issue I will file a stalker order.

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