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Can someone tell me what..

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I woke up this morning and everything seemed kind of strange. Everywhere I go, everyone is staring at me and talking about me, and it's so loud that I have to cover my ears. And I start screaming inside my head and I think people can read my thoughts and are trying to make me crazy. I haven't cut because my doctor asked me not to this morning when I called him. But I almost dont know if I can't.  I think they were listening to my dreams again because I can hear them talking about it. It feels like microscopic bugs are crawling all over me and I keep scratching to make it go away. I tried calling my doctor but he's in an appointment and I don't know what is going on really. Can anyone help?

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Heya eiramehcir,

If it were me, I'd worry about some kind of psychosis.

That word sounds nasty, but refers to a break with reality, like the things you are thinking.

The things that don't feel right.

OK, so your regular psychiatrist is out.

Call the crisis line or, failing that, emerg.  Even 911.

This could spiral to the point where you can't focus enough to dial the numbers.

Keep safe, call now.

*Then* deal with *why.*


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