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Where do I go to get diagnosed?

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I dont even know what my problem is anymore. I am not on anti-depressants anymore because they dont work. The add med never worked and then the pych said I may not be add I am bipolar (yes she is a shitty mess but I need her to get my xanax/ anxiety med).

My main issue is that I have trouble focusing at work unless it is completely quiet. If people are talking or the copy machine is running I become and idiot who doesnt know if I am coming or going and I tend to make mistakes  :) . No one will help me my fuckin psycho doc is an incompetant bufoon and I dont know where to turn. I also have a very badddddd temper and I hold things in alot at work by keeping like this  ;)  

So I'm asking where do yall get these diagnoses that you have in your signatures, who gave you that title. i definatley know something si wrong with me but I dont know which one it is  :P

The only thing I take is adderal, xanax xr

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Heya Secrets,

Well, until I was totally and scarily honest with my family doc, she had **no freaking idea* what was wrong with me.

Then, a psychiatrist who specialized in mood disorders saw me, just for a one-shot diagnostic assessment.

So, officially I'm bipolar.

Not clear yet (up to my ongoing psychiatrist) about which kind of anxiety and, maybe, schizoid vs. Asperger's, I am besides BP.

So far so good.

I'm on the medication (Lamictal) that I and my FP chose, and upon which my psychs both agree.

The therapy books I'm working through (BP Survival Guide, When Anger Hurts, Feeling Good Handbook) are helping me think differently.

I'm just hoping my/our next therapist is more helpful than the *first* one.

I would say, see who else you can chat with:  other psychs, therapists, doctors.

Try their therapies, if they are valid.

Continue with what works.


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For me, I had knew on my own that I'd been depressed and suicidal since age 10....so did my mom, but unfortunatley she never took me to get treatment (grrr, but that is another story).  Finally couldn't stand my crippling anxiety and panic attacks and sought treatment during college.  Stupid counselors and campus health thought I was stressed out and having typical "girl drama".  Fuck that.  Finally got the balls to go to a real psych last year because I couldn't stand the panick attacks and ocd style cleaning and obsessive thoughts of impending doom/pre-occupation with suicide and death...

First with tdoc and pdoc;  dysthymia and severe GAD.  Later with tdoc added adjustment difficulty disorder and OCD.  Next, pdoc added non organic sleep disorder.  Next tdoc mentions mood disorders/bipolar or cyclothmia.  Finally pdoc and tdoc agree on bipolar II and borderline personality disorder....although I'm still suspecting bipolar I or some sort of psychosis along with those because I've heard voices and had mild hallucinations...

Point is, I believe officially it is best to be evaluated by a psychiatrist as well as a therapist.  Of course, only a pdoc can officially diagnose you, but a therapist can be helpful as they see you on a more regular basis and can relay observations to your pdoc or help you with topics you may want to bring up to your pdoc.

Good Luck! ;)

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Seems like they like to dispense dx's based on credentials and expertise. I've been given just about everything, from bipolar to depressed to borderline to ptsd to "I can't really tell you, as it will affect your healing process in a negative manner." Finally found a doc who is pretty anti-dx, and that works for me. DX isn't so important as what's wrong and whether they can fix it. More for insurance than anything :> But you've got to be really, really honest. My Borderline dx came from my not saying anything...I cut, that was obvious, so borderline works because all cutters are borderline...and my doc at the time was a DBT specialist. See how that works? Find something that vaguely fits, but more likely to fit their expertise than you. except some docs. And the ones you'd least expect might be the best...mine's a cheap-o grad student in training, and I've been with her a year and a half and LOVE it; it actually seems to help a LOT.

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Getting my first diagnosis of panic disorder/agoraphobia was pretty cut and dry...it just took a long time for me to actually go see a psychiatrist. I hit every single criteria for it without question.

As for the rest of them...if you look at my tag line you'll see a couple of NOS's. Which I'm pretty sure is just dr. speak for we know there is some more stuff wrong with you, but we don't really know what it is.

As far as advice goes, I can't really give you much other than keep trying. If you don't feel your current dr. is working out, start looking for a new one. Maybe when you are calling around, you can ask if the dr. has a specialty.  That way if it's something you've tried already, you don't have to waste your time.

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What does NOS stand for and DX (diagnosis??)

I know that my last three jobs I have been written up or fired for making mistakes.

I am quite moody and angry alot

I have been on











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The add med never worked and then the pych said I may not be add I am bipolar (yes she is a shitty mess but I need her to get my xanax/ anxiety med).

If she thinks you are bipolar, and anti-depressants aren't working, I would think your doctor should consider a mood stabilizer at this point, preferably one that has an antidepressant quality to it.

Xanax could be contributing to your depressive mood, and the adderall could be contributing to your anxiety and general agitation. It would be really hard to say.

But distraction, such as your difficulties focusing at work, the mistakes you are making, and your temper all point to possible depression or a mood disorder.

The fact that you have add, but the adderall doesn't help, that you get agitated, say you have a bad temper, have anxiety, have depressive moods- bipolar really is a possibility. Your doctor may not be too far off but I don't understand what is going on with your meds if that is what her conclusion is.

It really sounds like you are in a bad spot right now and have been for a long time and something needs to change. Talk to your doctor about a different medication or look for a different doctor- you seem really frustrated.

You also seem very withdrawn from people and as though you can't relate well right now. Understandable, considering you don't feel well. But the longer this goes on, the harder it will be to treat. I know it is hard to find the motivation but if you feel that your doctor isn't helpful, you need to address her directly by asking what her plans are for your treatment.

Take care.


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The unfortunate truth for all of us here is that the diagnosis of mental health problems is in its infancy.  We just don't know enough about how the brain works.  Science is still basically only making educated guesses at what's going on in our brains, and even the most experienced and studied psychiatrist is dealing more with possibilities than probabilities.  As my new pdoc put it, "This is more of an art than a science."

Yet these professionals are still our best bet in getting to the root of our problems, because they spend their days constantly evaluating broken minds to try to understand why they don't work.  I firmly believe that consultation with a competent (emphasis added) psychiatrist and psychologist is essential, because chemical imbalance and experiential trauma, while often intertwined, are two different causes of mental illness, and often need to be treated in parallel for the success of either.  Personally, I have never had to wait more than a couple or three weeks to get in to see a new pdoc or tdoc, at most.

It's sad but true that the mental health field seems to have more than its share of nincompoops, largely because there's no solid core of science by which a practitioner's skills and opinions can be measured.  I have been strangely fortunate that my experiences have been for the most part positive (aside from my first therapist, who tried to cure me by making me play frisbee with him).  As you have read on these boards, others have not been so lucky.  Sometimes it just takes patience, and perseverence to find the right ones.

Also, you may get multiple DXs - this doesn't necessarily mean that any one of them was wrong; you might have multiple comorbid conditions.  I have Dysthymia, MDD, Tourette's, and suspected mild Asberger's.  (What a lovely bouquet.)  Also, some conditions are routinely mistaken for others, such as BP being mistaken for ADD and vice versa.

Have courage, Secrets.  You're not alone.  Everyone here understands what you're enduring, and we're rooting for you.  You'll find the help you need, and the answers you seek, as long as you keep looking for them.  And once you know your demons' true names, you'll be able to stand up to them.

Keep writing to us.


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