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new assignment

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I have this assignment from my therapist. I'm supposed to figure out ways to chill out. I freak out in crowds...and has expanded, because I'm silly, to include going out at all. I can get to work still, but barely, and only because my work is insane.

I don't even know what "relaxed" might look like...and how am I supposed to turn off the freaking out once it starts? I even freak out in traffic...too much like people.

What have other people done?

Current primary fear: crowds/being out in them

Secondary fears that are also annoying: roaches, cops and loud noises

Building up to dealing with them isn't working so well because I can't sort out this relaxation thing.

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Hey D

That pisses me off....your therapist really needs a good dose of the adrenaline that comes with anixety/panic disorder-relax, indeed! When I in full bloom anxiety mode, the only thing I could do is read the 23rd psalm (I think thats the one about my Lord is my sherpard...) and pray that I didn't fly out the window. That was my relaxation.  That really pisses me off. I understand where she/he is coming from but has no real understanding of how difficult and painful anxiety/panic can be. I have had many bouts of anxiety, and unfortunately back when I had them at their worse no one could understand what I was going through, I would meet a few kindred spirits who would tell me comforting things like ....it will pass, it will not kill you, do anything....brush your teeth, simple stuff like that. Thankfully, I haven't had any major episodes in a while. I would take meds if I felt one coming on, thats for sure and I have a handy supply. I also relax by gardening, reading, lurking the boards, cleaning my house (yea thats wierd), etc. But back when I was full throttle anxious none of that would work. I hope  I haven't been too negative, but when a nervous system has been attacked it takes time for it to heal. Also, try deep breaths, I always had a bag I would breathe into. Also, know you are not alone, ever, you always can come here.


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