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Lamictal & SJS

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Guest PinkToo2grrl

I've read that Stephen Johnsons Syndrome is a potential side effect of Lacitmal.  I had SJS when I was 14 mos. old, and it almost killed me.  They never found out what caused the reaction, but it was bad, and I was hospitalized with it for several weeks. 

My question is, what is the risk factor for SJS when one has already had it?  Do you become more likely to have this side effect, less likely, or does having had it in the past make no difference?

just curious.  i see it listed as a potential side effect often, and have always wondered about this.

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Avoidance of the responsible drug and chemically related compounds is essential for the patient and first-degree relatives.

This citation found that Tawainese patients who had an initial allergic rash were able to tolerate lamictal after the rash cleared by using a lower dose.

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