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Ok...hi everyone.,,I was looking up best treatment for open sores on scalp and ended up on crazy boards reading about everyone who does this.,,well I am new here....I must say I can relate to a lot of what everyone else has said regarding this...my head did not necessarily itch, I think it was nerves, and it got so bad that I was doing ithe not even realizing I was..only itched when healing,.,..then when I would see the white flaky stuff it drove me crazy if on my head because I didn't want people to think I had dandruff or a disease. .I would scratch and pick it off, bleed and then when I felt something on my head, bump, I was picking off scabs, then over and over...I've talked to all my doctor about it..,I was on med for ocd and adhd...thing is I think it makes it worse because I obsess about it.,,I picked at my head one night for 3 hours, scraping and picking..,and yes, bleeding, and pain, and hurt to even lay head down, or wash hair in shower...so what is the best thing to put on scalp and I have to find something to do to stay busy so my fingers don't go straight to my head....I'm glad I'm not alone here and thank you for listening. ..any advise is welcomed...


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