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Ok count me in on this.  Im 5'7" and weigh 276.  Ugggg.  But this is down from 360  2 years ago.  I have been heavy for most of my adult life due to the depression and a binge eating d/o.  At 18 I was about 210 and then between school, 2 kids, a sedentary job, my increasing MI crap, and the Zyprexa, I ballooned up to 360 by 28.  I lost 40 lbs initially when I got taken off the Zyprexa and was running around manic and not eating.  I was ending my first marriage at the time and with the stress I couldn't care less about food.  I moved in with my boyfriend (now DH) and he helped me work on my binge eating problem.  Lost another 40 lbs this past year just not binging and being careful with what I ate. 

Ive been gaining and losing 10-20 lbs not really getting anywhere.  My diet was less than ideal.  So now I have gotten myself together and started the whole diet/exercise thing.  DH got motivated in Nov. and bought exercise equiptment for the house.  It is so nice to have all this stuff here so I don't have to go anywhere and deal with people.  So from Nov. 11th till right before Xmas I went from 284 to 272.  Then fell into my Xmas depression and got back up to 278.  Now I am just this week getting back on track.

It feels great though.  I never thought I'd enjoy exercise.  I don't always, but when I do it is a great mood boost.  I also find the lows don't go so low.  The key I think to getting positive benefits in mood is to workout 5-6 days a week.  Being consistent is key.  I notice a difference if I miss a day. 

As far as eating 5-6 meals a day, the easiest way is to use breakfast bars/ shakes as a meal or two.  Or to make a regular size meal and split the portions in two and eat twice.  Fruit is also very helpful.  Eating regularly  keeps your metabolism going throughout the day which makes your body less likely to store fat. 

A great weight loss site and forum is  3 Fat Chicks.  They arent MI related but do have a depression and weight loss forum that is helpful.  They have forums for just about anything diet and fitness related.  And people are really supportive.

So, any indoor excercise ideas for someone who really, truly cannot afford a gym membership, not even at school?
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Ok count me in on this.  Im 5'7" and weigh 276.  Ugggg.  But this is down from 360  2 years ago. 
THAT is awesome, CrazyGrrl!  You inspire me.

What kind of exercise equipment did your hubby get for the house?  Which ones do you use?  I've been thinking about looking for a cheap, used exercise bike.

Since I had the shock of seeing myself in a photo Thursday, I have been eating healthier, and I feel better.  I'm trying to remember to eat more often--I like Al Roker's 3hr diet idea.  Because of hypoglycemia, I'm supposed to eat protein every four hours.

However, the last time I had fasting blood work, my glucose level was slightly high, when it used to be low.  Uh oh.  Does this mean I'm going from hypoglycemic to diabetic?  I hope I can reverse it with diet.  Yesterday, I actually bought some diet soda, even though I hate aspartame.  I really like carbonated spring water, like Ozarka, but dammit, I can't find it anymore.

I'm rambling.... but I feel good about making some positive changes.  I started taking my meds and eating breakfast first thing, even before coffee.

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God, you all. I'm eating everything in sight. But I did clean the kitchen, which was a disaster area. I have pretzels and gummy life savers one on each side of my computer. The pretzels are awesome though, pumpernickel and onion sticks. I know those aren't too bad.

But this morning I ate a steak and egg bagel from McDevil's and later I ate 3 man-sized portions of bread pudding. I don't' feel all that shitty about it. I know I'm PMS'ing. I need to start exercising. That is the key.

Meanwhile I'll pretend I am a reincarnated former model of Matisse, and remember that he liked me this way... ;)

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Your legs look fine to me, girl. ;)   You must be doin' somethin' right.


They are looooooong, that's all. I look 6 mos. pregnant. All my fat goes to my abdomen--ALL of it. I gots no ass, no hips, had boobs, but had them trimmed down. I know this isn't good for the heart and I worry about diabetes too. Not to mention my cholesterol numbers which are way high for a spring chicken such as myself. <guffaw>

But thanks for the compliment <bats eyelashes>...

I just want to feel better. And I feel like I'm playing beat the clock with my disabilities. Like if I don't start NOW, I might not be ABLE to later, and the idea of being unable to ambulate scares the shit out of me. I use a cane some days now...and not just on my cranky days when I might have to beat someone with it!

How's my puppy today?    B)

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Your puppy is adorable as all get-out.  He is curled up on pillows, sleeping on the floor behind me.  I was going to turn around and take his picture for you, but my camera case is empty.  This can't be good!

This morning, I took a pic of my thermometer (see Olga's thread) and uploaded the pics right here.  That's the last thing I remember doing with the camera!  So where is it?  How bizarre.

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What was your last fasting blood glucose if you don't mind my asking? Overall one reading doesn't mean too much so there is no reason to worry.  Also FBG tends to elevate with illness and injury if thats when you had it done than that may be a factor.  Also what meds are you on?  Some do increase the risk of diabetes.    Exercise helps so that is another reason to get that exercise bike.  I exercise in the AM.  Otherwise I put it off all day.  And it gives me the energy to get through the day. 

I really hope you do this for yourself Libby.  You deserve it.

Glucose was a little over 100... I don't know where the paper is, so I can't tell you exactly. hmmmm... there was no illness or injury at that time.  There was stress, however.

The meds I'm on are Cymbalta, klonopin, synthroid for thyroid,  and triamterine (generic Dyazide diuretic for blood pressure). 

You did 90 minutes on the elliptical?!  DAMN, girl!

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I would like to express my solidarity and support for everyone who is battling med weight gain, I know how hard it is. My natural state is to be an ultra skinny 130 pound 5 feet 8 bean pole but thanks to a delightful combo of paxil, risperdal and inderal, my weight crept up to the 200 pound mark which as an ED person, was a real trauma for me.

I know its health benefits are dubious and it picks up all kinds of flak from medical quarters but I managed to lose 35 pounds last year thanks to the Atkins diet which puts me at about 165 pounds. I am back on Atkins to lose the residual weight. As far as exercise goes, I shun all faddy trends like pilates and exercise dvds etc in favour of good old fashioned dog walking.  ;)   Im sure theres an exercise-diet combo out there to suit everyone's individual needs. Good luck!

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All of you sharing your "battle" stories are really inspiring me to keep myself in check before I get worse. Jem, while he hasn't posted here, has also inspired me with his approach to using as few meds as possible and taking charge of ourselves with healthful living.

I swear, I did gain 10 lbs on Zyprexa. I've been on it for a couple weeks and already jumped at least one dress size. I've never been skinny, just "curvy" and rather average, but like all of us, I dream of that perfect fitness model body with tight abs and sleek thighs.

I joined a really good women only local gym that is $30/month, and work my ass (and ABS) off daily for at least an hour. I'm also obsessing about everything I put in my mouth. If I'm going to regret it when I'm on the treadmill, it does not get eaten.

My anxiety and disorganized thoughts are the worst symptoms of my disorder. Neither is treated successfully with my meds. I got FIRED a couple of days ago, so I have time to work on non-med treatments and let my body get used to the changes:

This is what I've come up with that I plan to present to my pdoc for her approval tomorrow:

1. Exercise every day, even if only for 15 mins

2. Watch everything I put in my mouth, and consider Weight Watchers

3. SWITCH from Paxil to WB

4. DITCH ZYPREXA for Lithium (and pray that a different dose will not make me lose hair or become a ditz)

5. Get a job that is low-stress and will keep me on my feet. I like moving around and hate desks.

I have the time on my hands and the willpower to stick to an aggressive plan.

What do you think of my idea?


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*applauds*  Check it out with your psychiatrist, of course, but it sounds good.  I really hope the lithium works for you.  Needles suck, but with the results you had the last two times, you need regular levels.  At least it's less notorious for ballooning weight than the Z. 

Damn, now I need to do something active. 

Actually, Jem suggested we go hiking this summer, so I now actually have a goal.  I hate biking and would never train for it (I just think it's a thousand times better than public transit), but hiking is another story.  I love mountains.  I refuse to make someone wait for me trailside for a half hour while I ease my pseudo-asthmatic wheezing. 

I can't afford it, but I'm going to see if I can convince the YMCA that I really am a full-time student.  It didn't work in the fall, but maybe now?  Everyone else accepts me as FT, from financial aid office through the provincial governent to my mother's health insurance plan.  Why not the Y?  I desperately miss it.  1, free-to-members dance classes.  Even if they're basic, they also involve motion.  I like motion.  2, weight training.  I loved my routine.  I want it back.  3, cardio equipment.  I have to watch myself on the elliptical trainer and its friends, because they mess with my joints if I'm not careful, but the treadmill is my salvation on rainy days. 

As long as I'm $340 screwed for February, I might as well make it $365. 

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I joined a gym and go daily, and also joined Weight Watchers this week. I noticed I was wearing PJ pants at home, looked like a slob, and couldn't wear my jeans anymore. I"m having trouble crossing my legs too.

I've always weighed a little much, except when I go all ED and stop eating/play soccer like a fool.

We need to be healthy!

A little at a time. Our meds seem to make us hungry, want sugar, and be down on ourselves.

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I've gained 30 lbs in the last 5 months.  I blame the Effexor I was on plus the fact it stopped working and I got severly depressed. I ate to try to make myself happy.  I've now joined Weight Watchers and am trying to exercise 5 days a week (though I've had a cold the past few days and havent exercised).  I've lost about 4 lbs so far.  I would like to join a gym, but with a 2 year old at home (6 year old at school), it's hard to find a chance to go.

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Random thoughts on moving with children:

Could you get some exercise by taking the kids for walks?  Pop the toddler in the stroller/wagon if necessary, and go walking for forty minutes. 

When the weather's less shitty, maybe go for bike rides.  You won't get too far if you count on the littlest one's tricycling abilities, but there are wagon-things you can attach to the back of your bike which (besides being great for hauling groceries home, as I have done) offer plenty of space for a toddler.  Slap training wheels on a child-size bike if the 6-year-old doesn't ride already, and go someplace. 

Go run around at the park. 

Play catch outside. 

Play Frisbee with one of those super-lightweight fluorescent fabric rings, which fly a little more slowly and hurt far less to be hit with than a regular Frisbee. 

Dance to the radio. 

Take time to stretch every so often.  A couple of times a day, for a couple of minutes.  It improves blood flow to your muscles and reduces fatigue. 

I think exercise needs to be seen more as a way of physically nurturing active life, rather than something painful and extra.  It's fine to exercise for the sake of burning additional calories to keep your weight in check, and you will burn calories more efficiently this way, but I believe it's better to simply live in motion.  I'd rather go for a walk or go hiking for the sake of walking or hiking than with the idea that I'm burning 340 calories per hour on a trail of X difficulty level.  You won't burn as many calories in half an hour of walking with kids as you would in thirty minutes of solo power walking, but you will do your body some good, and probably enjoy yourself in the process. 

I'm just tying to find ways to nurture myself through movement.  I don't have all of this figured out yet.  Maybe there's something there you can use?

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