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Hey, this is what the good hypomania feels like

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I don't think I'd ever noticed when I was hypomanic before, I just thought I was a normal perky person with lots of energy interspersed with periods of debilitating depression.  Then all the ultrarapid cycling crap started with the dysphoric horrible rage filled hypomania began and I got a tentative diagnosis of somewhere in the bipolar spectrum.

Well, this brief little cycle I'm having a good round.  I'm perky, friendly and happy.  I have so much energy that I cleaned for eight hours at work and then came home and cleaned my house.  I have no appetite what so ever and can't seem to sleep more than seven hours (even with my night time drug enduced slumber).  I'm not irritable, I'm annoyingly bouncy and energetic.  Thankfully my extreme anxiety over money/my poverty keeps me from over spending and I'm in a monogamous relationship.

I think I'm simply going to enjoy this particular go round on the ups and downs of my life.  The pdoc appointment is in sight so hopefully we can get all of this cycling under control soon.  In the meantime I think I'm going to go do yoga, play with the dogs, clean my carpets and then go to work.

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Heya Alissha,

Glad you're having a fun/useful cycle.

I'd wonder if this was "normal" for you.

Anything not-useful or negative about this mood you're in?

My productive cycles were okay, I think, in retrospect, until they got ugly/mixed.

Write everything down and review with your psychiatrist.

Meanwhile, be happy to have a clean house, and be welcome to clean mine.


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