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I'm been on various SSRIs for 13+ years and I've never had any problems with antibiotics I've taken. I just finished up a 21-day course of antibiotics (Amoxicillin and Levaquin) and didn't notice any effect on my Lexapro.

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Heya Supergwen,

Abx (short for antibiotics) don't generally mess too much with ADs.

Last time I took Abx I got quite mixed-hypomanic, and it went away when I stopped the meds.

Any Abx can have (rare) mood effects, depression or (more often but still rare) mania.

Different Abx will affect different people in different ways, of course, bla.

All you can do is see what happens, and make sure you're monitored.

On a side note, get a (I know, ew) stool culture before taking any Abx for the gut. 

Most gastroenteritis is either toxic (food poisoning), viral, or bacteria (like Salmonella) for which Abx are contraindicated.  Some are parasites, which need weird drugs.  The culture tells your doctor what (if anything) to prescribe.


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