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Fetzima quit on me

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So, I am new to this, but I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. I have been on different AD meds for about 7 years. I finally got on Fetzima and it was great for a while, but I stupidly tried to wean off of it because we were thinking about getting pregnant. Well, that went horribly and so I started back on my previous 80 mg dose. That didn't really work so we went up to 100mg. I was feeling great and then out of nowhere it stopped working. I have had a horribly depressive week. I don't know what to do. Would going up to 120 work or is it better to try something else all together? I am so frustrated!  Also, I think I may have an OCD component messing with my mind. Intrusive thoughts and all that. So, could that be part of it?  There aren't many "ok" for me meds according to my genetic test. Viibryd or Pristiq could be options...I just hate that I weaned. Fetzima was fantastic!

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