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I'm still seeing different doctors about the eye movement. When it first happened I was convinced it might have been simple partial siezures because I did feel fatigued and have headaches afterwards for a while. 

If I remember correctly, this started when I was placed on wellbutrin xr xl or something like that back in March or so. I was only on it for a week but my vision literally shook!

I walked into the psych clinic since they couldn't see me until later and bppv was mentioned as well as vestibular and seizures. In the end I was placed on meclazine and taken off of wellbutrin. No one knew exactly what happened and there were 4 people in there. After a week the shaky vision cleared.

After that, I had stranger chills but I paid no mind to them for months. I brushed them off as chills until I realized that they affected my eyes due to ajerking, rolling, upward movement every single time. It was always affected by temperature change. Especially if cold wind was involved. It also affects the eyelids. It lasts anywhere from 1-5 seconds. No one has seen it happen yet and it's been going on for most of the year......even my pcp has asked me if anyone has witnessed it... it's so brief it's easy to miss but it's making me feel as if I'm not believed. 


Anyways, I have had a normal mri and eeg. I just did a sleep study to check for narcolepsy. Next week I see a neurologist. The nystagmus possibility only came to mind today.

If it's caused by medication can it still be triggered by temperature?

I'm not sure if that's it for certain.but it makes enough sense....

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I remember you saying how your neuro still wanted to see you next week to make sure nothing was missed.  I'm glad he is doing that.  Although I don't know your history about stuff, how you describe the eye movements seems exactly what nystagmus.  I am not a DR though ... just an observation.  Which it is why I am glad you are seeing neuro again.

I googled "Nystagmus causes" and FWIW ... and I am in NO WAY saying that these are the reasons for it, but this was one link from the American Academy of Ophthalmology:



Here is a link for what nystagnus is:



I hope this at least a little helpful.


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