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Cymbalta dosage increase

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My Pdoc wants to increase my cymbalta to 90mgs.. I called Lilly today because what I have read about cymbalta is that anything above 60mgs has been proven to be no more effective.. When I spoke with the doc from Lilly he said that the highest safe level is 120mgs.. but he said the same thing about the dosage of 60mgs.. He did say that in their research they had about ten % of people who responded to a higher dosage..

My questions are this: do any of you take larger dosages than 60mgs?? and if you do was there improvement?? I am a bipolar with a more swing of manic depression. But I do fly high on occasions.. My next question would be do you think a larger dosage would set off mania??

I take 400mgs of lamictal and it helps with mood stablizing, but every once in awhile depression breaks through. The other day I just started crying for no darn reason.. When I told my Pdoc he said that some of his patients respond better to 90mgs....

any help would be appreciated!!

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