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Need some STAT help (that means quick)

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I have been on Klonopin forever, and---as a background--have a realy high tolerance for benzos (except Xanax, which we do not ever mention, ever--)

Bevcause of my poverty and my Sleeze doc( my Pdoc) who demands my conay before I can even walk in the door,, and my new job (yeah!) I have had to cancel my regular appt, with sleezedoc and his flying monkees.  No big deal, I am good to go on all meds (I am BP II) except Restoril to sleep (and maybe I can wing that)--had to cancel cause I cannot afford the co-pay right now and they will NOT see me without the co-pay, no way, no how, no discussion, no sorry, no nothing.

I have 5 Klonopin left.  I am supposed to take one 1 mg. in the AM, and 1 again about 4 PM or so--but lately, I have had a pinched nerve in my sciatic region, and the only thing that relieves it (when it kicks in at about 6 or 7 PM is 2 Klonopin and 4 Advil and a heating pad) The pain is so horrible I want to cut off my ass.

I will be out of town--waaaayy out of town, from Sunday afternoon until the following Friday evening.  Now What?  No source for more Klonopin--I only have a GI doc for my Crohn's, don't think he will write it--and no way/money to go to Sleezedoc and the Flying Monkeeys, my Pdoc.

The idea of being in that much pain for that long makes me physically ill.  I think I would be fine if this sciatic nerve thing hadn't appeared, but it has, and I will be sitting in a classroom all day, which I know will mean that by avround 4 PM I will be screaming in pain.'

WHAT DO I DO NOW??????? I know I won't "withdraw"  from the Klonopin--never have before, but it keeps me from screaming aloud with pain and that is embarrassing at a business conference, especially when training for a new job.



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  I am on pain meds and klonopin. I have bad back pain.

  If you are adverse to pain meds, try Soma. It is an awesome muscle relaxer that does not make you sleepy. I like them better than my vicoden. I would see a doc for the back pain. If you can get by without the klonopin ( how do you do that?) then go for the back pain. I was told by my p-doc ( no flying monkies, I really like her) that I shouldn't be using my Klonopin for my back pain. I should go to the ER. Well ok. I won't but I stopped using the klonopin for this. You are right, it does work.

  Anyway, go to your GI and ask for some muscle relaxers if you don't want heavy duty pain meds. Soma is the next best thing to sliced bread. Flexiril (sp) puts me to sleep, these do not. And you take them every 6-8 hours.

  Good luck. Do NOT go in pain. This will just be too awful.

Been there done that.


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