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Adderall/Mixed Salts vs. Dexedrine/Dextroamphetami

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I have been able to try Dexedrine/Dextro-Amphetamine for about a week now - until today, when I went back to my few remaining Adderall for comparison/because I am not liking Dex.

Dexedrine has not been nearly as beneficial as Adderall/Mixed salts (I've been using generic forms of both).

Although the physical jitteriness (not to be confused with emotional anxiety*) and dry mouth subsided with Dex, I have had in increase in insomnia and appetite supression - and a decrease in motivation and follow-through.

Overall, Dex for me is hardly better than no meds at all.

I can tell I'm taking something, for sure, but it is weirdly sedating, at least compared to Adderall. I actually think it compares more to Strattera (which really did well for depression but naught else), although I really don't know why, chemically speaking, it would - except that I have read that pure Dex has a bit more of a reuptake effect on Norepinephrine.

Based on my own perspective (although I've read differing reports elsewhere), Adderall/Mixed Salts is more beneficial for the inattentive/slothful/drooling/spaceshot variety (that would be me).

Case in point:

BEFORE stims: Shower? Oh yeah, I'm grimy. I'll do that soon...(three days later, I make it to the bathroom, shower - then sit around in my towels for a couple of hours/days and goof off). Brush? Maybe my hair, eventually. What's Floss?

Adderall/Mixed Salts: Dang, I need a shower. I'll finish this up and go (shower within 20-30 minutes, dry my hair as needed, brush teeth for an actual THREE WHOLE MINUTES, sometimes floss, gargle, dress. I MIGHT even defoliate the forest that is my legs someday if I take it long enough Maybe slip in a load of laundry before going back to whatever it is - because on Adderall, living in a towel sucks.)

Dex - See BEFORE Stims - subtract one whole day from the three. Brush teeth at least once a day, but with impatience and for about 30 sec - 1 minute. Look at the box of floss but think: Later (read - next month, maybe).


*emotional anxiety for me has been largely exogenous, that is: precipitated by external events, to which I CAN be highly sensitive, but lacking an anxiety-provoking situation, I experience little in the way of internal (endogenous) anxiety.

Dex may be better for persons with endogenous anxiety issues, though - as it is somewhat less stimulating for me and is absent the physical jitteriness. I imagine that would exacerbate emotinal anxiety for many. 

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