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What can I expect from stopping Seroquel in 1-2 weeks?

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What can I expect from stopping Seroquel XR in a 1-2 week period? As in, what bad things could I feel or have happen to me?

I take 800 mg currently (and have done so for years) but I plan on taking 400 mg for 1-2 weeks and then stopping completely. I am on invega at 3 mg and Abilify at 35 mg, as well. So I'm safe. 

I just want to be done with Seroquel. I want to be less depressed, less sedated, and lose some weight.

My pdoc doesn't know about this plan. But she did give me the option to cold turkey stop it or stop it over several months. I could call her nurse I guess. But I have bothered her nurse enough lately. I'm very happy about this goal. I can't tell husband either because he will force me to take it. 

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I  would be concerned that this is a significant dose having antipsychotic effects and removing it from your cocktail is going to have a negative effect on mood or psychosis. The likelihood 800 mg is doing nothing is very little. IT  needs to be done with your doc's cooperation.

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From my experience of going off of Seroquel XR over a period of 3 months, I found it dreadful and became manic and landed myself into a 4 month stint in the psychiatric unit.

If you feel strongly about going off of Seroquel please discuss it would your pdoc and do it the proper way ☺

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Unfortunately, I'm an expert on this from many times of coming off. This is what I've experienced. Supposedly you're coming off them slowly, I've tried that in the past too but you still get symptoms. 

This is my experience and not necessarily what will happen to you

Around a week

Sleeping less

Expect your sleeping pattern to get fucked. Days for sleeping and nights for days. It's like you'll sleep 5-6 hours later than you did the previous day and that will keep going.

Flu like symptoms

Poo more (which is a good thing)

When you're warm, you sweat. When it's cold you shiver.

Shorter attention span

Feeling really good, hyperactive. That's the dopamine coming back in to say hello. So unless you take something else, you'll feel good about stuff and be more talkative. 

More than 2-3 weeks

It really depends on your illness

other than that

maybe parts of who you are inside will intensify.


If you come off Q too quick expect a lot of puking. Sounds if you drop from 800 to 400 you won't get puky but from 400 to 0 sounds like you would. I know this stuff from personal experience.

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