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In my experience latuda does have a burn in period that lasts for a little while. Also keep an eye out for insomnia, which should go away. Also you spaceyness and disconnectedness should go away eventually. The only other major thing to look out for is akithisia, which is usually the only reason people can't tolerate latuda, if you find you get akithisia talk to you pdoc about getting a med such as clonazepam to treat it. For me latuda was a miracle drug with many side effects that all went away, the only side effects I still have today is every then and  now I get insomnia for 3-4 days at a time, and akithisia almost everytime I take it, so I end up taking it right before bed so I can fall asleep before those side effects set in.

Otherwise I would recommend you tough through any of the side efffects you experience because for me at least almost all of them went away.

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