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Drugs for Fibromyalgia and Bipolar/SA

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I got a phone call last night from my pdoc saying that he was notified that the combination of clozapine/tramadol has a greater effect of causing seizures.  I have been taking clozapine for about 3 years and I know that it can cause seizures on its own, so I asked if we could just wait and see.  He said no because if it happens while I'm driving it could be fatal.

I started taking clozapine because the other AAPs I was taking caused me to develop Tardive Dyskinesia, so I really have to stick to it.  I told him that none of the local rheumatologists won't take anybody that has fibromyalgia, which is why I have to take tramadol in the first place. Tramadol hits my daily pain completely, and my PCP is prescribing it to me because I needed him to, but it was initially prescribed when I lived out of state, and he has tried many times to get me to stop taking it, and I'm afraid if I go to him he would gladly discontinue it. I asked my pdoc about perhaps going to a pain clinic, but that I knew that I would need to coordinate with him because they might prescribe something like Cymbalta, and I have suffered horrible episodes of mania when taking SSRIs.

He said he would work with me on his own for trying Cymbalta to see if we can replace or drastically lower the tramadol, so I have an appointment in a couple weeks.

This morning I remembered that the drug I hear most about for Fibromyalgia pain is Lyrica, but I can't find any place that says what kind of drug it is to know if it's something that my pdoc could prescribe instead or even as something to try after Cymbalta.  Does anybody know?

Does anybody take medication for fibro pain that they are happy with?  The kind of pain I'm feeling is like electricity running down my long bones like arms and legs.

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Lyrica is an anticonvulsant similar to Neurontin (gabapentin). Yes, a pdoc can and often does prescribe Lyrica.

EDIT: The reason some pdocs prescribe Lyrica is because it is a non-benzo option for anxiety.

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