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I was just diagnosed with lactose intolerance and I'd like to learn about different things I can do (diet, etc) to help prevent further upset.

I know (from doc) that I have to avoid milk that's from a cow, and that almond milk is ok.

If you guys have any suggestions or feedback please let me know.

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Lactase pills if you still want dairy. If you don't, check the ingredient list of the alternative of choice to make sure it has added calcium. 

You might need to get extra protein and fat too, considering dairy has a considerable amount of those. 

Besides that, depends on your symptoms. Some people have digestive ones, some have skin problems, etc, and use different methods to manage them. I have digestive ones, but I also have IBS and have gotten used to it without much requirement for pills etc. 

PS, My doctor says cow's milk is fine for me as long as I have the lactose free version, or replace the lactase enzyme. If yours said no, then I wouldn't. 

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I had it for years awhile back, and it gave me bad gas if I at something I shouldn't have (dairy).  There is the milk called "Lactaid" out that worked great for me.

But somehow, it gradually went away.  Idk how.  I did not consume dairy for a long time though (milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, etc), so when I reintroduced it somehow that I don't remember, I was ok.

So for me at least it went away.

I wasn't diagnosed with IBS at the time, but if I had to guess if I had it, I would say that I definitely had it back then (when comparing to it all now, as diagnosed with the IBS, comparing them both).

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Keep these things in mind:

  •     Use Organic Fermented Dairy.
  •     Try Goat Milk.
  •     Take Digestive Enzymes That Contain Lactase.
  •     Supplement with Probiotics.
  •     Incorporate Calcium-Rich Foods.
  •     Add Foods Rich in Vitamin K.
  •     Add Bone Broth to Your Diet.
  •     Jumpstart Your Gut Health with the GAPS Diet

It will help you a lot.

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