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Firstly I wanna say hi to everbody, this is a very useful and friendly community.

The reason im writting here is because I need advice.
I was med compliant with invega the last 11 months for treating an addiction problem. Invega is for schizophrenics but my doc said it is used for other cases like mine.
At the last appointment my med invega was reduced to 3mgs, the smallest dose avaliable, and my doc said I could be free of medications next year in January. 
So, as I'm feeling well I stop taking it one week ago without my docs permission, but just for some days to see if I'm fine already. 

What I want to know is if it's not damaging for the brain to start again taking the invega after interrupted 11 months of taking it everyday during 8 days.
I ask you this because I guess it's already returning to its homeostatic recovery.

See ya

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The short answer is no, it will not damage your brain. You are worrying over nothing.

The only problem you have is to talk to your doctor and be honest about what you have been doing. He might get you off the med even sooner if you are indeed ok. Just, please, try to work with your doctor.

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Hi guys.

Again im writting here my concern about my health state.
all because after I stopped taking invega I started to get this nausea and dizziness feelings very strong that feels that im almost starting to fainting. And it gets worst if im driving a car or just on the passenger seat.
After I talked to my pdoc he told me to restart the pills, i already took two of them, one sos at night and now one in the morning, but Im still getting this fainting feeling sometimes.

Anyone had this, this is temporary? will i be able to drive again? 

Thank you and because of this time of the year good new years

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