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I was diagnosed with major depression/TRD/GAD/Depersonalization disorder and have yet to find a medication that works. I was prescribed Trintellix and have been on it for about 16 days so far at 10mg. I have been on many AD meds including SSRI/SNRI/MAOI/TCA's Anti psychotics etc etc. None which helped my mood or anxiety. Every time I started a SSRI it seemed it would give me dysphoric hypomania symptoms which I eventually had to stop. (New psych doctor thinks it’s truly major depression and not bipolar disorder mixed state, like they once believed)

So far, my experience with this med has been interesting. I don't get the hypomanic feelings like the other meds, (SSRI's had me feeling that within a week) but do get the nausea/stomach issues which I hope will go away. The last few days I noticed that the pit of anxiety I feel in my chest, had lowered after a few hours of taking the medication in the morning. Other things I notice is that head feels a little less foggy and maybe even just the smallest amount of depression relief.

As of a few hours ago, I could feel that anxiety/depressed feeling coming back. Has anyone else that started this medication tend to feel this as well? Does that mean that it's starting to work if it's doing all of this? Should my mood even out within the 6 – 8 weeks after being on this stuff? Other things I notice is that It makes me yawn a lot (when I first take it) and has a stimulant feeling to it.

One thing that regular SSRI meds would do is give me the feeling of having wayyyy to much serotonin in my head. The dysphoric hypomania was many reasons why I would stop them.  I don't fully understand it why I don't feel it with this new med but maybe cause of the 5-HT1A Agonist? I came to that conclusion from this article I read:


It just seems strange I would have such bad reactions to all the other medications, but not this one. I can relate so much from that article. Especially the part about ‘Antidepressant-Induced Mania’. I hope this med will be the one that finally works for me. I just find it hard to know what to expect and feeling like it only tends to make me feel better after taking it. (Didn’t start feeling anything positive until about 16 days of being on the med).




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