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I was refused SSDI, long story ... worked for the state for 6 years and they didn't pay into FICA so it looked like I had not worked for 5 out of the last ten years.

Anyway, applied for SSI. Was denied on the first try but I don't think they ever attempted to get any info from my pdoc. Was denied on reconsideration level, and again there was a mix up with getting info from my pdoc. If my pdoc had sent the info or if the SSA had actually asked for the info in time, I think I may have had a chnce on the reconsideration level.

So, approved on third try at the hearing level. Judge's decision came within 30 days of my hearing. I applied in May 2004 and was approved in May 2005.

Getting approved ASAP has sooo much to do with making sure you get as much documentation to the SSA as possible and make sure they receive it!

Length of process depends a great deal on how many cases are being considered in your state, how much of a backlog there is. Read the pinned topic at the top of the board for some good info.

Also read your other thread ... I had to take short-term disability leave from my job and as soon as my pdoc told me I needed to do it she said I was not to do any work at all from that moment on. SSI is a way for me to get settled, stable, and back on my feet. I look at it as a short term solution. Pdoc has said that I will be able to work again. For now it is just wait and worry about when I can return to work and when I do what the hell I will be capable of doing.

Don't mean for the above to sound depressing, I am not a patient person and want to be better NOW or last year.

To fill the time ... I am just getting to a point where I can even consider doing soemthing other than hanging around the house. If you have a hobby take advantage of the time.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.


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Were you...

Approved on 1 try?

I was approved 1st time, but I have other disabling conditions, primarily failed back syndrome, connective tissue disorders. The MDD, seemed to seal the deal, it probably didn't hurt that I was hospitalized for suicidal impulse control/thoughts at the same time my determination was being made.

I had documentation out the wazoo also. GPs, Orthos, Neuros, Psychs, tdocs...I still believe it was my tdoc's report that I would remain unstable and unable to work until the could (not likely) fix my back. Pain is a big deal for me, along with physical limitations.

I was approved 3 weeks after my documentation went from the analyst to the final reviewer. FYI, they called to tell me. That was cool. I thought, great, MORE documents needed. It was a very rigorous process paperwork wise.

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Well, my fiancee was approved on her first shot.  Took over the 120 days they said would be the "max" but hey, you know how that can go with the guv'mint.

Documentation is indeed important, but my fiancee didn't have much more than med history and the little she got from her pdoc (had seen once at that time; she STILL hasn't given a dx, firm or otherwise), the therapist at the mental health clinic (dx: MDD w/psychotic features) and maybe from her gp.

The wait is frustrating, but if you have all your ducks lined up beforehand, it's a lot easier to handle.

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I was denied 1st time. I then hired a social security attorney as we do not have the reconsideration level here in Michigan. I am waiting on a hearing with the ALJ. I applied with social security 9/2/04. Thank God I get LTD through my last job. This has been difficult but fortunately I think I shall have a degree in criminal justice or law in just a few more episodes of Law and Order! Then my services will be available.

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This has been difficult but fortunately I think I shall have a degree in criminal justice or law in just a few more episodes of Law and Order! Then my services will be available.


Kablume.. ;)

You gave me a laugh, thank you. I should get my degree in same and after re-runs of Judging Amy, I will likely become a judge..lol  Law and Order drove me crazier with that sound they use between scenes. Perhaps we will meet in the same courtroom!

Maybe if I write a letter to SS about my new job as a juvenile judge, they will approve me faster?!!

I was denied initially and at reconsideration.  Part of this is due to my ex-pdoc and his dumb ass not getting his records to them. I now will have to have to have a hearing. This is extremely frustrating.

Not to mention, I also have a pension I can't seem to get yet due to the fact that the company dissolved and the company they sold out to, just gives me a disconnected number. I don't feel up to chasing this down but I need the money, like yesterday. It is probably gone, my fucked up luck.

Damn, this is depressing.  SS just plays with our lives....

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Hi All,

I started the actual filling out stuff online in April 2005 and didnt finish someone from the SSA office kept calling me in july. then i finished it. then i moved from fl to ca. I received a letter saying i needed a pdoc to look at me. and i received that letter at the beginning of december and the appointment was 2 weeks away....so i said fuck it and went to their pdoc instead of my own (because that takes forever).

and that appointment was on dec 22.

to date, i have not heard anything additional and my tdoc says dont even bother calling SSA until the middle of february.

so, thank god I have working parents who let me live at their hotel & feed me & pay for my (own) health insurance & meds.

just waiting......


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