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i feel i have had every diagnosis and tried every medication under the sun.

i accept my current dx, which is seasonal affective disorder and add, but there is also some anxiety going on there.

i'm 26.  the best i ever felt was when i was 16 and i keep racking my brain to figure out what i did differently then.

- i didn't take any meds.

- i did yoga once a week.

- i exercised more than i do now.

- i didn't eat meat.

i have given up on most medications.

ssri's suck for me. 

i'm currently nonstop vomming from antibiotics.

my system is apparently VERY sensitive.

blah blah enough venting and down to the "help!" part.

i can make promises to myself to exercise*do more yoga*practice meditation*learn time management*learn stress relief*eat better*take vitamins*

but without knowing what works best for others, i feel like i should slow down and break up those goals into smaller chunks.

so what *does* work best for others for anxiety?

what should i focus on first?

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what helps with my anxiety? *thinks*

breathing, deep breathing, grounding--feeling my feet on the ground (mountain pose is cool for that as you can do it anywhere!) or a blanket wrapped round me.

burning incense

reading a good book-light novel or validating self help/psych book

take one day at a time....one morning/afternoon at a time....

a bottle of rescue remedy is handy to carry around


have you tried valerian? I used that A LOT before I got on ADs....but beware....its a depressant....

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Exercise is always good! Yoga especially, since it's so relaxing. I went to poweryoga yesterday and it felt GREAT. Should go every week. Really.

Deep breathing works very well for when the anxiety has just started, but if you get full blown anxiety attacks it can actually be a trigger. For me at least. So be careful with that one.

Also, filling your everyday life with meaningful things works for me.

And I totally believe in being a vegeterian contributing to mental health, being a veggie since eight years. Wait, not that I've been in that great mental shape during that time. But anyways, I supplement my diet with fish oil, which is good.

Good luck and let us know how you're doing without the meds!

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