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Hi everyone. I'm currently taking 400mg Seroquel XR in the morning, sodium valproate 200mg 3times a day, 300mg seroquel nightly (all for bipolar type 1 & 2.5mgs-5mg Neulactil when required for severe paranoia & anxiety. Let me start by saying this combination is working quiet well so far compared to all previous combinations. I've been on seroquel for the longest out of all these medications (1 year 7 months) & I've always had extremely vivid dreams & nightmares from that.

i generally take the Neulactil with my nighttime meds & ive noticed that since I've started taking it the dreams are getting a lot scarier and harder to distinguish from reality. If it's a pleasant vivid dream I wake up with a feeling of disappointment because it felt so real & I it's a nightmare I wake up with a feeling of relief because I could of sworn it was real (even though in my sound mind I know they are not)

Has anyone else experienced worsening of dreams/nightmares when starting Neulactil ? I haven't been able to find much info about the drug at all, let alone this specific issue. Thanks in advance.

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