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I have BP 2 & am on Geodon 160 mg a day,  been this way or a couple of years

From reading this board it seems like my dose is really high  is this unusual?

Also I don't even remember what it is supposed to be for. Can someone tell me what it is used for with BP 2? 

The rest of my meds:  cymbalta 90 mg a day

                              strattera 60 mg a day

                                  lamictal 300 mg a day


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Hmm, yeah it does seem like a higher dose, but everyone is different as we are constantly seeing on these boards.  I feel like I usually see an AP used in BPII people who cannot tolerate a SSRI or SNRI because it triggers mania, but I couldn't say for sure.  I know that they can help squash anxiety, and help with sleep and sometimes depression but are mainly used to prevent psychosis.

Welcome to crazy boards by the way!  ;)

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