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Meds for the elderly

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My grandmother, who had been on Valium for around 30 years, found that she didn't need it anymore and discontinued it in her early 80s; her doctor offered up clonazepam but my grandmother didn't seem to need that either. It's like, as she aged, her brain couldn't go fast enough to maintain the anxiety anymore. It slowed down, too.

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2 hours ago, Alien Navel Cord said:

So they are still on medication just smaller doses?

From what I've read, yes.

(I googled "elderly lower dose meds")

Here is one of the articles:



Because of these age-related changes, many drugs tend to stay in an older person’s body much longer, prolonging the drug’s effect and increasing the risk of side effects. Therefore, older people often need to take smaller doses of certain drugs or perhaps fewer daily doses.


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