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Hi, I'm Catwoman, here's my intro

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Hi, I'm Catwoman, obviously new here. Wrote a whole story on myself earlier, but when I wanted to post it, the forum logged me out. So no text here...

But let's start over, only shorter!
I'm from the Netherlands, in my thirties, married (no children) and I work as a freelance graphic designer. 

This year I 'celebrate' my 10th year on psych medication. Yeah!

I have intrusive/unwanted thoughts, mostly the same two words, for about 13 years now. I was diagnosed with OCD, because the psychologist needed to label me (for insurance and records mostly).
My pdoc doesn't think I have the classic Pure O, it's more that I'm averted to having this thought and it got stuck. get anxious and depressed from it and tried different kinds of therapy. In the end learned that wanted to get rid of it doesn't really help, so during CBT I was put on fluvoxamine (Luvox) which really helped me a lot. I went off my meds twice because things were going so well, but with the second restart fluvoxamine didn't have much effect anymore, so I switched to escitalopram (Lexapro) (in 2010) and was fine for a while (looked like remission). Did have to increase my dose though, but I gradually tapered down to 5 mg.

Last May an unexpected relapse. Back with unwanted thoughts and increasing escitalopram, but this didn't have any effect. So after 5 weeks my general doctor advised me to wean off to see if I could do it without the medication.
I went back into therapy (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) and did a mindfulness meditation course. I made changes in lifestyle and started with magnesium (l-threonate), omega 3 fish oils, zinc, vit D and C, ginko biloba and later on added NAC (2400 mg a day). This is all good stuff, but I keep going up and down. 

I've been med-free for about 4,5 months, but decided to try a new SSRI again. Without meds I don't have any space in my mind...this thought keeps intruding and throwing me off-balance,
I'm on day 9 of sertraline right now and I desperately want it to work. After the poop-out I am not really sure ( I just can't be that lucky that it will work this time) and I'm afraid something was 'altered' in my brain and now it won't respond to SSRI's at all.

I guess I have to be patient. Looking for succesful switchting and 'after poopout' stories!

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Hi and welcome, Catwoman! We're glad you joined. I have classic OCD with compulsions so I can understand what you are going through. We have quite a few members with OCD so you won't be alone here. I managed to almost completely overcome my OCD with therapy and meds together. Therapy always works best when accompanied with meds as you found out. Now my OCD really only comes out when I am under stress, but I have tools from therapy to deal with it. The citalopram (like es-citalopram, i.e. Lexapro) really helps me and thankfully has not completely pooped out.

Anyway, welcome again. I look forward to seeing you posting on the boards!

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If you have any questions about using the site, please feel free to shoot me or any other staff member a PM and we will do our best to answer them.

5 hours ago, Catwoman said:

Hi jt07, thanks for welcoming me here! 

I'll take a look around on the forums, but it's a big forum....and I have a few questions myself. Hopefully some people can help me out :D


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I have Ocd as well.. currently I'm using lexapro. In the past I had great success with luvox and Prozac.

If you have questions, Jt will let you know where to start posting. He also happens to be quite knowledgeable with ocd.. 

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Hey 300.3 thank you for welcoming me :D

Lexapro was actually a good drug, though the start was bumpy. It kicked in fast with just 3 weeks (I was on 10 mg) but lost effectiveness after a few months. I was going through some difficult personal issues and on top the ocd-problems...so I needed to increase my dose to 20 mg. I had a lot of on and off days in the first 2 years of Lexapro. At first I wasn't as happy with it as I was with Luvox.

I might try fluoxetine / Prozac if sertraline / Zoloft doesn't work out for me. I'm quite afraid that because escitalopram didn't work with upping dose that sertraline won't have any effect either.
Pdoc said I could switch to clomipramine / Anafranil but I'm hesitant about it.

Oh well...I still have three weeks to go!

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