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Have a Bad Day! [23 JAN 06]

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Turns out it really is all in the math.  [i KNEW IT!]

23 Jan. is the worst day of the Year.

Last year Arnall created a formula enabling those rash enough to do so to calculate their life expectancy (involving factors such as genetic inheritance, optimism, nutrition, and relationships). We don't know what percentage of the population decided not to bother getting up this morning as a result, but expect a rash of absenteeism today, as another formula he has made up identifies it as the most miserable day of the year (last year he similarly predicted 24 January as Day of Gloom).

I love this guy. 

Have fun with the article.


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Thanks Maddy

and I am lying here thinking Im dying, with some scruddy disease (probably bronchitis) and I have been prone to be a hypocondriac,,,yeah thanks alot Maddy-back to the lorazapam....Im going zone this day out.


Edit: Italian pox on Maddy for sharing the news-hehe ;)

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So *that's* how they decided when to have the unnecessary election.





Where in Canada?  If things get worse, go to emerg, honey.  Anytime.  They'll check you out, PM me with any questions.

Watching Americamn TV exclusively until DH comes home to check election crap.

The only interesting elections are the ones on US TV, but *they* mess up a *lot* of shows.


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