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Tired ALL the time on Lexapro

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Hi, I have been on the generic version of Lexapro for 3.5 months. I have been experiencing extreme fatigue since I started 7.5mg one month ago. I just started 10mg 2 days ago and it seems to be getting worse. All I want to do is sleep!! I take Lexapro at 7:30 at night and don't fall asleep until around 2:30 and then no matter how much sleep I get, I am exhausted the next day and never feel rested. I take half of a .25mg xanax and 1mg melatonin before bed. It seems I have a "second wind" at night after I take the Lexapro and am wide awake at night but a zombie during the day. I saw my pdoc a few days ago and she just wanted me to up the Lexapro. Not sure what to do as I cannot force myself out of bed when I don't have to, and if I do I am a zombie all day. My depression has greatly improved on this medicine but my anxiety hasn't. And I now have no life because I want to sleep all the time. Help!

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You said you take your Lexapro at 7:30 PM? What if you tried taking it in the morning? Or afternoon?

Another possibility is to switch to a different med. A few of the other SSRIs are stimulating for most: Zoloft and Prozac; and the SNRIs are generally pretty stimulating: Effexor XR, Pristiq, Cymbalta, and Fetzima. Effexor XR and Cymbalta are the only SNRIs for indications for general anxiety disorder, but the dose of Effexor XR for this indication is at a dose where it behaves like an SSRI anyway—Cymbalta acts like an SNRI throughout its dose range.

Another thing you could do if you don't want to give up the Lexapro is either add Wellbutrin or add a stimulant.

I hope you find relief!

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I never had this problem with escitalopram. I did make me unmotivated and sluggish after a few years of using it. I took it before bed and was able to sleep (once my intrusive thoughts vanished I wasn't worrying either, so I could sleep better than before). The first twee weeks I had head aches and I was feeling like getting the flu (but never did). My doctor said I could take it before bed (I started out with taking it in the morning). 

Do you feel like the Lexapro is working for you? I was never depressed so I can't compare the efficacy (which is also a personal thing of course) but you might want to try taking it in the evening or switch to another antidepressant.

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Lexapro definitely made me sluggish and unmotivated. But I stopped taking it because of sexual dysfunction. One thing I would like to point out is that Celexa and Lexapro made me grind my teeth when I took it at night. From there I started taking it in the morning and it stopped. With this in mind, they may be doing SOMETHING to your sleep. Would be worth at least trying to take it in the morning before you move onto something else. But @mikrw33 is right. There are other antidepressants that work for anxiety that aren't as sedating as Lexapro. I'm taking Prozac now and find it to be stimulating even at 10mg, and I am having no issues with my usual array of anxiety.

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