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I searched around and read some of the other threads on Clonidine, but many of them were several years old, and I didn't know if anyone had any updated experiences. 

By way of background, I'm diagnosed GAD/OCD and I've been on Wellbutrin XL 450 for about a year (I've been on Wellbutrin for like...three years, I think, but not at that dosage). For a time, I was on Zoloft as well. Loved the combo for my psych stuff, hated the side effects. I dumped the Zoloft last year and have been struggling to figure out the right med combo ever since. I was mostly having issues with like...emotional outbursts, etc, etc. I tried Propranolol for a couple of months, and liked it okay, but didn't LOVE it. It did sort of make my heart rate feel wonky and my limbs feel draggy, so I didn't really want to take it every day...but then that meant I would have to anticipate when I was going to need it, and that was difficult, if not impossible.

I talked to my pdoc about this on Wednesday, and she prescribed me Clonidine (.1 mg, up to 3X/day as needed). I took one early yesterday and then another in the evening, and wow, I really like this stuff. Chilled me out, but didn't make me feel significantly altered or unable to function. I slept like a baby last night for the first time in I don't know how long...I know some people say that they experienced a sort of "hangover" when the Clonidine wore off, but that wasn't my experience.

The only side effects I can discern at this point that are "undesirable" are that I felt a little bit draggy during my workout this morning (although in fairness, that could have to do with just about anything), and when I take it, there is a point about an hour or two in where I start to feel REALLY sleepy. I did find that if I got up and started moving and walking around and drinking some water, that passed pretty quickly, so hopefully I'll get used to that. 

What experiences have you all had with this med? I'm really hopeful that it will work...I don't want to go down the benzo road, and pdoc said that's where we could be headed in the near future if we run out of other options. Not that I have anything against benzos or people who take them - they just make me personally feel like complete crap. 

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