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Trouble articulating during sex?

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This sounds a bit weird but I was having sex with my boyfriend and I could not tell him what I wanted. I knew what I wanted, knew what I wanted him to do but when it came to actually saying those words I could not for the life of me say them. I could write them, trace them, even move him where I wanted him. I just choked on the words and started to worry. 


That sort of thing had never happened before and I wonder why I would have had a simi panic attack during something that I was enjoying. I also wonder why it happened.

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Something similar happened to me. I'd say that if you have other ways to communicate what you want, with action rather than words or writing it down, don't stress too much about verbalizing. It's definitely preferable to communicate when it comes to sex (and relationships in general) but if one mode of communication doesn't work for you, try to find another. It's hard to ask for things, especially something as delicate as that. As long as you're both communicating, the form doesn't matter

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