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Am I bipolar, ADHD or what?

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I am a 17 year old male with anxiety -  mostly severe social anxiety -  and depression. I've been suffering from the anxiety for my entire life and I always get it in social situations and whenever it comes to trying something new to the point where I avoid it. I find myself having bipolar/Adhd symptoms also.  Since I know myself I would  have daily mood shifts and find it difficult to pay attention to things as my mind always wonders off into constant daydream . In November/December I was under constant depression but with some daily manic moments. Now I've had a manic week with some depressive moments. Whenever I happy a manic/happy episode or depressive episode it's still not constant.  For example today I  woke up happy then got depressed when I thought about my non existent social  life and how I want to be normal.i always try to push to be social but fail and get depressed. Because I'm in a happy /manic time,  tomorrow I'll wake up happy and if my thoughts don't get too triggered I'll probably stay like that for the day.  I'm waiting to get counselling but until then I was wandering on what you guys think I have? Am I bipolar with anxiety,  ADD and bipolar, or is it something else? 



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Nope. My gp told me to go to a counsellor and I referred myself twice and got nothing back. I emailed them yesterday as I'm to scared to call  because of my social anxiety,  so hopefully I'll hear a response.  Going to a doctor is a mission in itself. 

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Hi, welcome :)

sorry to hear all you're going through. I was going through some similar things at your age.

as far as finding what condition is responsible for the issues you're having, you'll need to explore that with your therapist and/or psychiatrist. 

There's overlap between ADD and BP symptoms, and many suffer both conditions. ADD can cause mood swings, BP episodes affect attention, hyperactivity.. so it can be a real mess to tease apart.

i guess for me it's just been a matter of trying the different meds prescribed, trial and error. I don't think it's always crucial to fully understand the cause of every symptom. That's not always possible. 

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Yeah, I visited a psychologist and she thinks it's most likely I'm ADD than bipolar because my lack of attention is separate from my mood and it's always constant day dreaming. I'll get assessed soon but right now I got prescribe medicine for social anxiety and depression. Hopefully they'll work.

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