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Menu boards with numbers

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There is so little research that supports the idea that putting calorie counts on menu boards changes how people order at restaurants. There is LOTS of research that shows that eating disorders kill people - and that people with eating disorders are very sensitive to calorie counts on menu boards.

My province introduced these counts January 1st. I was doing so well at recovery!!!!! and now I'm slipping big time. Is the solution to never go to restaurants? Because that seems sort of disordered, too...

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I'm sorry you are slipping!

I know what you mean about the calorie numbers next to the meal/food item/etc.  I think in this day and age a large majority of people are watching their weight, dieting, counting calories, etc, and IMO if there are calories next to a food item, I think the more likely they will go there because they can eat and still count calories, without wondering 'how many calories are in this.'  (and should they eat it or not).  I also think the decision-making about what to eat stresses out people, but with the calories listed, it might not be as stressful.   It is unfortunate.

I remember at the beginning of the ED, I would only eat things with calories listed so I could count calories.  I think there are others like this ... and most likely others without an ED as well.


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