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Ice-Pick Headaches

Guest ~Aurelie~

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Guest ~Aurelie~

i finally got a doctor appointment which is on wednesday. but my head. oh my gawd. it's really like an ice pick is suddenly digging in and it doesn't last long but they're coming on more and more often throughout the day. i read they're not supposed to be serious but my gawd, they're very very scary!

should i go to the hospital tonight?


ps. i just don't want to go and bother them if i'm just being paranoid.

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Heya Aurelie.



NOW.  Find a ride, or call a cab.


ANY new headache that's getting worse needs a history and physical.

And yes, you might be sitting in the waiting room for a long time, behind the heart attacks, strokes and fractured spines.

So what, bring a book, go in *now,* it beats watching the election.

PLEASE have someone lay eyes on you, Aurelie.


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