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I'm new here - question on Lithium

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I've been diagnosed with BPD, Bipolar II and PTSD from childhood abuse/neglect between ages of 0-4.

I was started on Lithium two weeks ago. First week at 300mg and second week at 600mg. My levels were at .35 after 4 days on 300mg and .71 yesterday after 7 days at 600mg.

The last few days I have been exhausted. Like to the point I want to sleep all day and can hardly keep my eyes open. I have a long road of treatment ahead of me, so I am just wondering if this is common starting lithium?

I am also on 300mg of Wellbutrin, but have been on that for a year.



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Fatigue and muscle weakness are fairly common side effects of lithium, especially in the higher doses.......Some people get these side effects on start-up, and from what I've seen, some continue to have fatigue, and for some the tiredness goes away after awhile.

My personal experience:.........I tried lithium up to 300mg, as an adjunct med for treatment-resistant MDD, and I was always tired while on it.....It didn't do much of anything for my depression, so I discontinued it.

If you continue to have the extreme fatigue, and it really bothers you, I suggest bringing it up with your doc.

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It made me sleepy during the day the whole time I was on it. At night I was fine, although I think that's just related to my sleep cycle. I could nap every day while I was on lithium. Did some for my depression, but not enough to make it worth the side effects. I tried to make it work for a year before I quit it.

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