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What do you do when you start to feel a switch coming on?

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Starting to kinda get in a really hyped up mood and I don't know what I can do to try to make it less of a problem. I'm going through a really hard emotional time right now because my dad just died. I'm really worried this is going to be the most intense (hypo?)manic episode I've had.

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Limit the things that make me manic: staying up late, oversocializing.

Channel the energy into short term projects that I'd been planning to do anyway.

Avoid making any unalterable decisions or purchases or starting new relationships

Plan to be depressed when the party is over; so I limit the amount of commitments I make. Repeatedly making and breaking commitments can be socially disruptive.

But the longer I'm hypomanic, the more normal it feels, the more I'm going to slip up.

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When I'm being responsible I might let my pdoc know, so they can alter meds. Sometimes I've just started taking more lithium, which has seemed to bring me back down, but I know it's bad to do that without pdoc approval.

otherwise I try to limit going places, get regular sleep as much as possible. Just Chill by myself. Staying away from others can prevent embarassing myself. I find my PRN Valium helps, too.

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