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the "what does your browser say about you" game

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a few sites I'm on have done this, and I think it can be funny. Post whatever pops up when you type a letter in your address bar (like if you type a G put in what gets suggested)


here's mine:


a: Amazon.com

b: bbc.co.uk

c: cnn.com

d: digitalocean.com (work thing)

e: elixir-lang.org (programming thing, I apparently don't go to many sites that start with E)

f: facebook

g: gmail

h: http://heyjackass.com/ (Chicago violence suggestions, actually quite serious for such a name)

i: torrent site that's private

j: jailbreak.reddit.com (for hacking iPhones)

k: kumascorner.com (one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago)

l: lightsail.aws.amazon.com/ (another work thing)

m: money.cnn.com 

n: news.reddit.com

o: company website

p: paypal.com

q: suggests an iOS developer's twitter account that starts with Q

r: reddit.com

s: simple.com (bank

t: twitter

u: udemy.com (to get smartz)

v: ventrachicago.com (chicago transit)

w: worldnews.reddit.com

y: youtube

z: my personal website


What's yours?

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a. amazon
b. billpay Medical
c. crazyboards  Not sure?
d. duckduckgo.com  Google without all the adverts and spyware
e. ebay  For work
f. facebook   Rarely used (Honest)
g. ghacks.net  net news
h. hdtune.com  Software to see how crap your HD is
i. iua.upf.es/  ??? 404

k. kickass.to/   A torrent place
l. login.fairview.org/   Medical
m. mychart.fairview  More Medical

p. Paypal   Place to put my money

r. rx.sisoje.com/  RX8 a Car place
s. scores.espn.go.com/   I'm not a sports schmo so I'm surprised
t. tech-tools.com/


w. weezer.com

y. youtube   A place to watch Weezer Concerts from.



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Bete-Lukas Ethiopian (restaurant)


data.bls.gov (Bureau of Labor Statistics)


fishsaucepdx (Vietnamese Restaurant)


home depot

ibsgroup.org (IBS site, apparently. I have a lot of friends with it)

Jason Mraz: Geek in the Pink (YouTube.com)

Khaomangai.com (Khao man gai food cart, a Thai dish)

local.safeway.com (grocery store)

Maries-house.forumotion.com (another forum)


oregonlive.com (newspaper)

postmates.com (delivery service)

qz.com (I have no idea)

Related.ehealthme.com (some health-related site, apparently)

shop.safeway.com (grocery store)

trycaviar.com (delivery service)

usaid.gov (US government agency to end global poverty)

verdecocinamarket.com (Mexican restaurant)


xmidi.com (MIDI programming info)


zillow.com (real estate site)


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I honestly expected mine to be more embarrassing. it used to be full of porn. Apparently I've gotten more professional in my "old age".

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a. accounts.google.com

b. babycenter.com (wtf is this?)

c. crazyboards.org

d. Donald Trump (no url came up)

e. en.wikipedia.org

f. fanart.tv (I don't know what this is either)

g. gmail.com

h. nothing comes up

I. images.google.com

j http://www.saltlakecity.craigslist.org (why's this come up under J ?)

k. ksl.com

L. labcorp.com (groan)

M. mail.google.com/mail

N. http://www.picknpull.com (why n?)

O. http://www.politifact.com (why o??)

P. pamlnet/  (my work intranet)

Q quizlet (no url)

R. reddit (no url)

S. Saltlakecity.craigslist.org

T. target (no url)

U. ups tracking (no url)

V. www.yelp.com (why v??)

W. wikipedia (no url)

X . Xenomorph (no url)

Y. yahoo (no url)

Z. zillow.com 

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