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What have all you Lamictal side effects been?

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Mine are

Short term:

Headaches; only in the beginning those soon dissipated, however.  Once I was taking 50 mg they stopped

Muscle Soreness and Back ache; began when I bumped up to 75 mg but didn't last long at all

Hot Flashes; this is a new thing since I've been up to 100 mg.  I'm so hoping it is short term.  My face, ears, eyes and neck get beet red and hot, hot, hot.

Long term:

Eye twitching; My right eye has twitched since day 1.  What's up with that?

Sugar, sugar, sugar; cant get enough of it. I so hope that ends soon!

I also take Cymbalta, but all of these symptoms occurred after I started Lamictal.

Any of the side effects are nothing compared to the way this drug has helped me, I was just wondered how if affected others.

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Heya Anne,

No worries, as dirtywonderful said.

You and I just had the same ***awesomely brilliant*** idea at the same time.

Come on over and join the party at the other thread.

Great minds think alike.

(... and small ones seldom differ)


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