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I am taking 50mg of amisulpride (an AAP) which at a low dose first blocks presynaptic autoreceptors so the cell doesn't know how much dopamine is enough instead of blocking the postsynaptic ones which wouldn't allow the next cell to get the dopamine. Therefore, I am enhancing its transmittion.

Plus, now I take 18mg of concerta.

See what's happens. Pdoc was REALLY reclutant and like "If you feel weird, whatever... tell me." and I was "While I keep functioning I don't mind at seeing the cat from Wonderland and having walls talking to me" and then he "But tell me... anyway... I will be here *in the day hospital* tomorrow from 2pm to 3pm". And he was reaaaaally worried about me getting more psychotic on it. I think he was overworried and I told him, it's just methylphenidate, not a strong amphetamine, there are worse meds with worse side effects than it, but still, he was more, the most, worried about the stimulant. He wasn't that worried about lamotrigine, gabapentine, or antipsychotics in general even if I had really bad experiences on antipsychotics (some of which made me end up in the ER).


Of course, my objetive is to improve negative symptoms.

Let's have fun body, mind, everything.

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I think my dopaminergic system didn't develop because of the abuse and neglect from young age, in the end dopamine is the reward and pleasure neurotrasmitter, .... I never had that, I never learnt that... I guess that's why my majoy problems are with negative symptoms rather than with possitive ones, and It may be why I don't easily get psychotic on stimulant meds.

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