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So... Who wants to talk about "Call Me Crazy"?

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"Call Me Crazy" is a Lifetime movie that follows the journeys of five different people, four of which are dealing with different mental health issues. The first girl has schizophrenia, the second has Bipolar disorder, the next person has depression, the fourth is dealing with her sister's mental illness, and the fifth person is dealing with PTSD. For a Lifetime movie, I thought it was pretty good and accurate for the most part..... except for the bipolar part.

This woman went out of her way to act as over the top as possible and, I'm not gonna lie, it really annoyed me, to the point where I always skip that part of the movie. Maybe that's just my chronic irritation talking, but I mean, was it that hard for them to try to write this woman more realistically? Sure, people in a manic state can be pretty excited and happy, but I don't think most people don't go handing bottles of detergent to random people at the super market talking in a silly and over the top voice about how it's "only $2.95". :glare:

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1 hour ago, confused said:

melissa I saw it on Netflix a while ago


30 minutes ago, Bimbo Bear said:

It used to be on Netflix, but I think they took it down. I just look for streaming sites to be honest. There's no way I'm paying youtube $9.99 to watch that. <_<

Crap ...

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